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16 sept. 2015
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P.M Studio: “Foggy Atmospheres” Trend - FW 2016/17

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16 sept. 2015

Dive with the imagination in the beauty of nature, visually be at the center of a storm at sea and bring to mind scenes of roaring waves which increase light mist of vast ocean beaches in loneliness winter, how to dig into ourselves through stormy thoughts to find peace.

Worsted twisted yarns hydrorepellent pure wool, coated nylon mesh to achieve processing technical mesh knitting effects.
Noble pure wool and cachemire compositions. Big wicks melange with a soft and light hand, fur stitches, both gazed and shiny viscose.
Regular geometric patterns, pipes, relief hozelnut stitches, made lightweight quilted texture, important Gg3 Gg.5 Aran plots, mixed with a stockinette renewed knit by "dirtying" corrosion effects.
Felted wool-looking cloth. Machining double in carded wool and mohair and brushed that enhance the three dimensional. Technical coating with silicone materials, glossy and opaque.

FASHION BOX F/W 16-17 - P.M Studio

Two-toned dress, processing interlaced and ribbed inlay placed in viscose yarn, fur mohoir.

FASHION BOX F/W 16-17 - P.M Studio


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