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14 sept. 2015
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P.M Studio: “Crafted Again” Woman's Trend - FW 2016/17

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14 sept. 2015

Data rewrite, reshape in an innovative version, the essence of the old and the strenght of the new, the future is now, not too far from the distant past, and not too close  to the next future , only pure and naked connection distances.

Rich palette reminiscent of the ancient paintings nuances.
Resin, stone, moss and plum, create rich tones. Sand, iron gray, and taupe, giving wealth. Palette complemented by a full slate.

FASHION BOX F/W 16-17 - PM Studio

Coat stockinette knit and rise stitch. Neck and sleeves in ripped fur stitch yarn. Wool frindge application.

FASHION BOX F/W 16-17 - PM Studio


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