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9 sept. 2015
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Design Options: Color Trends AW 2016/17

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9 sept. 2015

Collegiate Kidz
Scholarly endeavors and intellectual ideals…Collegiate Kidz. Chocolate brown and chestnut tones of leaves of grass and all is truth indicate a legacy of inspiration. Mustard and muted bisque shades provide infinite possibilities on a complex canvas of soft velvet fabrications. Copper and olive subtleties connote a curiosity for the greater good. Intellect, knowledge and wisdom…Collegiate Kidz.

Animal InstinctsAn intuitive and instinctual adaptation to a variety of habitats…Animal Instincts. Shimmery silver and light slate grey shades of uninhabited and wild at heart add intrigue to lithe fur trim and supple textures. Pearly white and onyx tones harmoniously mingle within intricate colorations of taupe grey. Platinum silver accentuates bold edges. A stylistic sixth sense…Animal Instincts.

Graphic StatementModern and bold…Graphic Statement. Outrageous orange and denim blue shades of unequivocal utterance and illustrative allegation accentuate subtle nuances of light yellow. Dark pastel blue and classic rosy pink saturations allow surreptitious ideas to unfold with ease and sensibility. Coral red and light orange displayed on a background of black and white adds a modernistic edge. Explicitly expressive and astute…Graphic Statement. 


Traditional Touch The ultimate touch of individuality…Traditional Touch…woolen festoons and rich swirls of forest green debonair exude an artful flair of carefully constructed masterpieces. Rich maroon tones of dark caravan blend delightfully with cornflower blue shades on texturized trim. Goldenrod hues and smoky grey colorations evoke a notion of conventional virtue. Modest and time-honored…Traditional Touch.
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