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2 sept. 2015
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Italtex: Casualwear Trend - AW 2016/17

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2 sept. 2015

Generally speaking, the trend is for a richer casual, a contemporary metropolitan style with a larger choice of qualities and designs, not only woven but knitted as well, where wool is growing in importance.

Casualwear Trend - AW 2016/17 - Italtex

Starting from outerwear, wool is pure or mixed to silk in the membrane backed overcoats and blousons, with polyamide in the rustic, coarse renditions, with a touch of mohair or alpaca for soft coats, even if quilts and techno outerwear are still very much in demand  and bring something new, such as the large repeat blurred prints or, on the opposite, the small scale motifs. The special finishing treatments provide for lustrous metallic glare, leather-like surfaces, stiff or paper hand.

Casualwear Trend- AW 2016/17 - Italtex

In the pants area, wool is not that important, cotton dominates the scene and is mainly elastic; plains prevail, but very much in the mood of the moment are tiny motifs, they tend to be more innovative and in different finishes, especially washed and brushed.

Casualwear Trend - AW 2016/17 - Italtex

New and inspired by active sportswear, are the comfortable joggers in different fleeces, worn with jacket and blouson.

Designs deriving from classic menswear, feature new bombers: they come checkered but never too bold.

Casualwear Trend - AW 2016/17 - Italtex

Very interesting are double jerseys, felted tweedy knits, often with twist effect in black and white, suitable for jackets and outerwear.

Casualwear Trend - AW 2016/17 - Italtex

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