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16 juin 2022
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Cargo style (Livetrend)

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16 juin 2022

Elevated Workwear Trousers

The cargo pant is the next Y2K revival moment within the fashion market. From Kim Possible to Cadet Kelly, the comeback style prevails due to comfortable and flattering style attributes. Within contemporary contexts, the cargo can be worn casually, but equally be dressed-up if paired with kitten-heels or sandals and become surprisingly chic.

While these heavily-pocketed pants have been getting a makeover by several designers during previous runway seasons, the style is tackling all across the industry now. As the trend is spreading, mainly along young, trendy or massmarket brands, we come to learn that different interpretations feed a different kind of consumer need.

Searches for cargo pants have increased +300% and if associated with low-rise fits they grew +250% yoy. Visibility on Instagram, the trend has grown +74% compared to last year and  +4% on e-commerce. This means that the mainstream customer is not yet fully ready and the trend and promises a stronger magnitude of the trend for next summer. Hot markets for this product are UK, US, Australia and South Africa.


Carpenter Pants 

The classic utility look. The Carpenter Cargo is defined by its androgynous qualities and utilitarian look. Mainly mid or low waist, the style is classified by a slightly enlarged, straight leg fit. The pant is coming from a menswear universe and focuses on functional attributes and comforting fit. Due to its workwear heritage, this cargo performs in sturdy and long living materials, such as cotton twill, light gabardine and for summer lighter cotton options. For a fashionable styling, the waist can be folded over to evoke a payed-back look.

More Fitted Daywear Style

Commercial but cool. The more fitted and cropped interpretation of the cargo feels like the safe bet for more commercial fashion markets. However, their mix of chic and sport can feel more modern if paired with lower waist-lines or other waist-band details, such as drawstrings or folds. Slightly tapered around the ankles, this style resonates a more put-together, work-ready vibe and proposes one of the most versatile options within the cargo range.

A Denim Touch

Next-Level Wides. The denim cargo is currently updating the must-have wide-leg fit across the industry. From low to high waist, classic patch pockets on the side of each leg are adding enough twist to elevate the look to a more fashionable ground. The leisurely feel, which is added to the jean through those add-on pockets appeals to younger markets who are celebrating their free time again. For daily-life and casual gatherings, the added pockets propose extra space for consumer’s belongings and feel practical and pragmatic, while keeping a nostalgic flashback alive.

Subtle Wide-Leg Fluid Fit

Fashionable Fluidity. The fluid, wide leg pant is dominating the fashion market at the moment, as one of the most iconic and stylized shapes. It comes as little surprise, that the soft wide leg style is infused with a cargo feel as well. Lightweight materials are key here and juxtapose the traditional rigidity of cargos with female elegance and a glamorous edge. From minimal interpretations to more fashionable designs with multiple add-ons, this new cargo is the perfect choice for feminine and fashion-forward cohorts.

Occasion Cargo

Never without. The dressy potential of cargos is taken one step further with new occasion-ready looks. For clients who do not want to compromise on their practical and payed-back favorites during occasion-season, the dressy interpretation in satin and lurex is the perfect choice. The occasion cargo is mainly high-waisted, fitted and gathered on the bottom for a more feminine and seductive feel.

90s Baggies

Edgy sports. The big revival of nostalgic 90s and 2000s baggy styles is providing the most bold and fashionable cohorts with voluminous choices within the cargo range. With cinched ankle times, the look is infused with a distinctly sportive appeal and reminds us of state and hiphop subcultures of the good old days. Light, performance materials are most effective in enhancing volumes and create iconic style choices for the next seasons.

A chic comeback!
As seen above the new must-have, the cargo, is rephrasing its connotations this year. Far beyond the sporty and tacky 90s/2000s piece, the cargo pant is transforming into an elevated core item now. Its appeal spread fast and over the past year as search rates increased by +300%. Iconic styling opportunities and the excitement surrounding its refreshing shape are proposing big potentials for upcoming assortments.

Consumers interest peaked for low waisted cargo pants (+250%), being the style that better reflects the millennial mania. Though other designs are also rising interests: searches for wide leg cargos increased by +70% YOY, and searches for straight leg cargo increased by +60% YOY. Especially for brands who look to revive their trouser category, this piece is a must to respond to today’s market needs.


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