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17 mai 2022
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Floral Print Update (Livetrend)

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17 mai 2022

A summer in bloom. As prints start to tint again, florals propose a more diversified range of styles for today’s complex set of consumers. Across the market, joyful prints saw an increase over the past year, aiming to restore positive energies. At the same time, even the most familiar motifs extended their appeal in order to provide a sense of reassurance within their tradition.

From vivid and creative styles to classic designs, floral themes feel more contemporary than ever now. Innovative choices in motif scaling, digital or brushstroke effects, creating exciting colors contrast or conceptual design references put re-invention as the overarching driver for designs. This season’s florals answers to a fragmented market, which wants both: preserve the past and explore future scenarios.

Livetrend has selected five investment-worthy floral designs that have an impact across social media. The data below describes the growth index of each trend over the course of the past year across Instagram.

As an ode to impressionist art that used dynamic brushstrokes to depict nature at  first-sight, screen-printing is experimenting with a visually similar blurring effect for a digital impression of the meta world. Flowers fade into the background, as if captured in movement, dialoguing with their surrounding space in colorful unison. These blurred effects are an innovative way to combine modern print techniques with the most classic motif of womenswear: the flower. Credits: @hugo, @carmushka, @driesvannoten, @silklaundry, @proenzashoulder

The scale of flowers is fundamental to their visual effect: depending on their size, each flower can inherit its own magical meaning and adjust to different visual scenario. For this season, brands are focusing on macro-scaled motifs to create all-over artworks with bigger and bigger blooms. With larger sizes, flowers seem to reclaim their individual identity to empower a self-assured narrative: As a symbol for rebirth, deeply desired over the past years, bold flowers suit consumers, who seek to grow beyond their pre-pandemic selves now. Credits: @evelynkazantzogolu, @marahoffmann, @maralafontan, @tedbaker, @tenickab

#Regencycore is still influencing current design narratives, bringing back England of the 19th century to our current days. Accordingly, ditsy flowers function as a symbolic reference to embellish this re-discovered vintage aesthetic. As if set in a Jane Austen novel, young consumers want to revive the bucolic life and strive for a romantic hue in their daily life. There they come, the little flowers decorating garments with wallpaper effects. In line with the increase of new historic must-have pieces, such as the corsets and the doll dress, the ditsy print is establishing a parallel dreamscape to our challenged reality. Credits: @giuliadellelis, @forloveandlemons, @reformation, @sezane, @shopweworewhat

The strong appeal of nature, cottage life and horticulture appears to sooth the world’s impact on body and soul and minimize the pressures of today’s urban life. Even post-pandemic, this grounding feeling prevails for consumers and keeps influencing contemporary fashion. For summer season, dresses are embellished with homey botanical motifs. They combine flowers and other botanic elements into beautifully curated gardens. In a studied manner, heritage motifs are rephrasing traditions to be applied to contemporary fashion products. Credits: @borgodenor, @oscardelarenta, @intermixonline, @muntheofficial, @sirthelabel

The kid core trend is strongly influencing fashion’s florals, ranging from basic monochromatic duos to artful collage prints. Naive and child-like flowers are the extreme result of this powerful aesthetic and take us back to the good old days. Playing with colors to enforce moods and restore energies, quirky flower motifs are the reminders of the light-hearted happiness of childhood and resonate a uniquely energetic power. This intense happiness seems essential to emphasize communal strength and spread a message of positivity during these challenged times. Credits: @kiersay, @monki, @miramikati, @whitefoxboutique, @topshop

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