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20 avr. 2022
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Dreamy Techno 2024-25 (Studio Annflor Sangan)

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20 avr. 2022

Everyone seems to be living for the future these days. Studio Annflor Sangan's dreamy techno trend expresses this futuristic world we have created in our heads.

Bright colors, LED lights, and a sense of the soft unknown are combined to create this unique vibe. The addition of the softer pastels reminds us that we are still living in the now, and the future will be waiting for us. I want you to feel like you are at a disco and bring out the fun side of yourself. Let's dance the night away!

"Techno takes the dancers like a marine current takes a school of small fish and drags them into a fabulous landscape... as it meanders." 
From Guillaume Bara / La techno.

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