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13 avr. 2022
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Denim Updates - Fall/Winter 2022-23 (Livetrend)

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13 avr. 2022

Supercharged Denims

A/W22 has picked up on denim with 422 looks featuring the material to resonate heritage, longevity and versatility. While the trend remained stable compared to the previous year, the material itself was re-worked with greater experimentation and invention, feeling more intriguing than ever before.
“We want to make more handcrafted pieces and make them locally, out of whatever we have at the factory,” – Glenn Martens.
This designer quote underlines the potential of denim for this season to explore more sustainable practices and even more innovative design.

With an ethos of redo-and-mend, designers continued to propose patchwork styles or more novel finishings. These new approaches that can be applied to overstock denim aim to tackle the industry’s issue of unsold goods in waste and landfills. Since denim used to be a leading material during the 2000s, iconic denim product of the period are returning with the current Y2K hype: long skirts, low-rise styles, cargos and corsets, just to name a few. With rhinestones and patchwork finishings the retro look can feels even more authentic. Take a closer look of the season’s updates for the denim category. Below each trend on the left side, you can find the index of growth compared to FW21, and the Livetrend Stamp to translate the evolution of the FW22 trends into tangible calls for action on the right. 

Fashion Denim Trends
According to Livetrend’s data, these are the denim updates and mainstays that emerged from the recent FW22 shows. From denim lingerie to low-rise baggy and cargos, the segment focuses on newer, Y2K-inspired shapes, next to sustainable and innovative textile treatments. While patchworks and printed versions are still around, glossy finishes and rhinestone updates appear to bring most newness and frivolity.

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