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8 avr. 2022
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Cul Doux - Spring/Summer 2023 (Studio Annflor Sangan)

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8 avr. 2022

The trend is eroticism. But not just any, a Pop Art eroticism, more fun, more open, sweeter. Various artists represent sex in a colorful way with a good dose of self-deprecation.

The message is clear: let us no longer fear sex, it is no longer a taboo subject. Sex is seen as something esoteric and playful. The choice of very optimistic and feminine colors serves to make the thing less «dirty», less mysterious and inaccessible.

We see through these boards that sex can also be funny and should not be taken too seriously. The colors are mainly pink, red, pastel, warm colors, more virginal and more comical. 

Self-expression and self-love are celebrated with this trend. Scream as loud as you want, be as weird as you want, have sex with whoever you want, just be the most authentic version of yourself. 

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