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8 avr. 2022
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One With Nature - Menswear Spring/Summer 2023 (Next Look)

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8 avr. 2022


This theme is about nature that is tamed and cultivated. Craftsmanship, authenticity and longevity are not tainted with visual clichés but appear refined, bright and luxurious. Inspiration comes from artistic ceramics and architecture or interiors that skilfully interact with nature. In addition, there are complex researched materials and processing characteristics that translate ethnic elements and handcrafted details into modern silhouettes.

The focus is on natural materials with a dry feel. Lightweight, tightly woven cotton fabrics are suitable for outdoor garments, while knitwear and shirts, blends with linen or open stitches create lively structures. What's more, the entire notion of ethnic-inspired embroidery, incorporated fringes and nature-inspired prints are visually enhanced.

Different layerings and comfortable designs accentuate the look. Wide shorts and loosely falling slacks or chinos predominate when it comes to trouser shapes. We see dust coats made of light cotton, summery blousons or loosely cut shirt variants. Noble, artisanal, open-meshed polo shirts, sweaters and cardigans are a highlight.

The perfect approach for accessories is hybrid forms between modernity and ethnic inspirations. Typical examples are strap sandals made of leather with a bast-sole and snap-lock fasteners or mules with a profiled sole; tote bags made of leather and coated canvas fit just as well into the picture as new bucket hats with a braided look.

Text by Volker Orthmann

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