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23 avr. 2021
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Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends Autumn/Winter 2022-23 (ItaltexTrends)

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23 avr. 2021

Italtex Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends AW2022/23 is an accurate report on the new fashion trends for sports and traditional men’s wear: colors and fabrics for jackets, trousers, coats and suits.

Sustainability: never forget

Recycled wool, cotton and polyester are used both for the outside or as quilting material of “cruelty-free” coats, where textile waste substitutes natural goose feathers.
The raw and irregular look of recycled cotton features cotton knits. This sustainable look finds expression in very light and delicate hues.
Washed look and 3D structures

Irregular, crinkled surfaces result from the different reaction of cotton, wool and Lycra woven together and then taken through a wash finish. Thus, the fabric acquires a young taste and sporty look suitable for different weights: shirt, jacket and coat. The 3D structures of the knitted fabric imitate the effect of loops and bouclé yarns.
New formal clothing: light shades

“Log cabin“ patterns for oversize jackets, mini designs for stretch trousers, and clean pattern double knit jumpers in the dull shades or rope, grey and walnut.
More info on the 33 mood boards with Pantone® reference numbers, description of the specific fashion trend presented, and inspiring pictures on their possible uses: Italtex menswear Colour and Fabric Trends AW2022/23

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