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20 mars 2008
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Tokyo Menswear Trend - Wild Frontier (WGSN)

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20 mars 2008

The American Old West continues to inspire a frontiersman aesthetic popular with Tokyo consumers who share a passion for prairie living.

Historical frontier themes are deep-rooted in the Tokyo menswear arena, ranging from the general store feel of Daikanyama's Hollywood Ranch Market, to graphic Native American textile influences and the puritanical, Salem-inspired undertones at luxury Japanese label Number (N)ine.

Railroad workwear, vintage Western styling and rugged utility clothing with a tribal influence are the key commercial directions driving the trend.

• Longer-length, bib-fronted work shirts mix utility and formal influences

• Rancher-style shadow plaids inspire shirting, tailoring and outerwear

• Ad hoc winter layering harks back to Western drifters and long riders

• Settler-era textile designs influence decorative embroidery and trims

• Rugged workwear knits feature Native American blanket patterns

• Long, vintage DB riding coats are rethought in soft-structured linens

• Historical saloon bar styling inspires tailored waistcoats (US vests)

• Comancheros influence a mix of Mexican and American Indian textiles

• Tribal intarsia patterns update flannel work shirts and ranch jackets

• Henley-style undershirts and jersey granddad tops are key for layering

• Black one-colour dressing emphasises a pseudo-religious austerity

• Native American motifs are appropriated for retail and brand design

WGSN comment

Intermittent Western trends for Europe and the US look faddy and half-hearted next to the entrenched popularity of this branch of Americana in Japan, where its deep commercial relevance shows no sign of abating.

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